Premium Aircraft Parts

As a certified distributor in the aviation industry, Southern JetParts has gained global recognition as a one-stop shop for fast processing of parts orders, especially at competitive prices. We stop at nothing to provide fully traceable premium aircraft parts, all around the world.
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Buy & Sell Parts

We hold an extensive inventory of consumable and rotables, ready to ship same-day. We also are always actively looking to purchase inventory. Feel free to email your list over to
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Rental Parts

If exchange or outright pricing exceeds your budget, our rental parts program could just be the thing you need, get you aircraft back in the air immediately while we get your core repaired at a fraction of the cost.
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With our hundreds of tagged units we offer low-cost exchange solutions to get your aircraft out of maintenance and back in the air where they belong as fast as possible.
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AOG 24/7 Service

Our staff offers exceptional support for all your AOG (Aircraft on Ground) needs with our free 24/7 AOG Service.

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